Putin Says He Had “No Other Choice” Than To Invade Ukraine

(PresidentialWire.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that his nation had “no option” but to attack Ukraine. A “special military operation” was launched to save civilians in the Donbas area.
Since Russian soldiers entered Ukraine in February, thousands of people have been killed. More than four million have fled as refugees, sparking broad Western sanctions and charges of genocide and other war crimes, which Russia denies.
Putin, who was touring a spaceport in the Russian Far East while attending an awards ceremony at the Vostochny Cosmodrome with Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko, a close friend, assured workers at the site in televised remarks that the battle would be won “without a doubt.”
Putin defended his invasion choice but did not declare the operation was proceeding “according to plan,” a change from his rhetoric in the early weeks of the war.
“Its objectives are crystal obvious and honorable,” Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked.
Putin claimed that “we have no choice” except to act militarily in Ukraine, adding that he would accomplish his aims without a doubt.
“On the one hand, we are assisting and saving people, while on the other side, we are simply taking steps to safeguard Russia’s security,” Putin explained.
His remarks came amid specific fears about Mariupol, where Russian forces are reportedly preparing to launch a big onslaught. The United Kingdom and Australian governments have said that they are looking into unsubstantiated accusations that Russian soldiers deployed chemical weapons in Mariupol.
Putin claimed that Ukraine intentionally supported neo-Nazis “and their collision with the Russian army was unavoidable.” They were only biding their time in preparation for an attack, and the events that followed revealed how deep these roots run. He feels that neo-Nazism became a fact of life in his neighboring country.
A worker at a spaceport implored Putin that the “goals and tasks” of the Kremlin’s “special military operation” should be completed.
The president said they would be and then added that the operation would be centered on eastern Ukraine’s Donbas area.
Ukrainian and Western officials have stated that they anticipate Russia to launch a large-scale attack on Ukrainian soldiers in the region soon.
Putin then reiterated his assertions that the West was responsible for the emergence of fascism “to convert Ukraine into an “anti-Russian bridgehead” through neo-Nazism.