Putin Reportedly Had Mysterious Odor, And Didn’t Eat, Fiona Hill Says

(PresidentialWire.com)- Fiona Hill, a senior adviser to President Donald Trump on Russia, has described what it was like to dine with Russian President Vladimir Putin, including an odd odor she claims he emitted.

Hill commented on the BBC Sounds’ “Desert Island Discs” program, recounting her experience sitting within touching distance of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On the May 8 episode, Hill said she noticed his suits, one of the finely tailored suits. And she saw the way the little vein pulses on the left-hand side of his face.

Hill noted that in addition to Putin’s very expensive watch, the Russian president “really could have done with glasses” because he used cards with giant words on them.

She recalled that she could read them all. Cards were telling him who was who and what he should say and “stuff like that.”

Hill also noted that Putin “didn’t eat or drink anything during the meal.”

Above all, Hill said she took note of the Russian President’s odor.

Hill explained that it might sound strange, but she could smell him freshly laundered. He wasn’t wearing cologne, but he seemed to have stepped out of a special preparatory bath.

She added that Putin appeared to be “in total command” of the image he projected in front of others.

Hill thought, “look at this.” She felt everything had been staged. Every detail was meticulously orchestrated. It was a “performance.”

She said Putin was also “not much of a conversationalist” and barely gave her a glance during the meal.

The dinner date is unknown, but Hill told “Desert Island Discs” that it took place while she was a national intelligence officer at the US National Intelligence Council from 2006 to 2009.

Hill is best known for serving as a Russia advisor to Trump’s administration. Several media outlets approached her in recent months when Russia seemed poised to invade Ukraine, asking her to comment on the former president’s interactions with Putin.

Hill is also known as being disloyal to President Trump, turning on him after being given a tremendous opportunity within his administration.