Putin Is Preparing A Nuclear Bomb Not Seen Since WWII

(Presidentialwire.com)- In what appears to be a warning to the West about Moscow’s nuclear weapons capabilities, the Russian defense ministry released a video showing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on a silo launcher.

According to reports, in reference to the atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, Komsomolskaya Pravda stated that the Yars missile complex, which was loaded in the Kaluga region, had a capacity that was 12 times greater than the American bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

The report also described some of the missile’s technical details. It can strike anywhere in Europe or the United States. The payload capacity is 500 kilotons. The missile can be ready for launch in 7 minutes and fired from a prepared site or an unprepared position.

The previous Topol-MR has been improved with the RS-24 Yars. The Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering created the SS-29, which underwent its first test in 2007.

According to Alexei Sokolov, commander of the Kozelsky missile formation, the next missile will be on combat duty as scheduled. Sokolov said the Motherland would receive another sample of nuclear missile weapons, which would allow them to solve any tasks at the strategic level.

Reports show the Yars was on display in October during Vladimir Putin-supervised military exercises involving Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.   Kremlin propagandist Igor Korotchenko stated on channel Russia-1 that it was imperative to demonstrate who their main adversary is and what awaits them.

The Yars is not a tactical nuclear weapon because it is an ICBM, and analysts do not believe that using unconventional warfare would give Russia a military advantage. But Russian media has been promoting assertions about the country’s nuclear capabilities. The leader of Russia’s Donetsk militia, Alexander Khodakovsky, said on state television this week that using nuclear weapons was one way for Russia to win the conflict.

If you have to use nuclear weapons in a minor war, you’re not winning.