Prosecutors in Alec Baldwin Trial Say He Was Reckless With Gun On Set

In the days leading up to the shooting death of cameraman Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust,” the prosecution said that Alec Baldwin was reckless and mishandled the firearms.

In preparation for Baldwin’s trial, which is scheduled to begin in July, prosecutors in New Mexico have reportedly submitted new court documents indicating their intention to present further evidence in support of their allegations. The prosecution said that Baldwin, while shooting the movie, once used a film crew member as a target and fired a blank at them.

More accusations are being brought forth by the prosecution against the actor.  The accusers also claimed that Baldwin would gesture wildly using the gun while addressing and instructing members of the crew on set. According to witnesses, the director had already yelled, “Cut!” before Baldwin fired the gun.

New legal documents assert that Baldwin was recorded on numerous instances with his finger on the trigger, even though there was no actual need for a gun in the scenes.

Baldwin allegedly forced armorer Hanna Guttierez-Reed to reload guns and often pushed the crew members to work quicker than they were comfortable with, according to prosecutors who claim to have proof of this.  Also, while Guttierez-Reed was supposedly training Baldwin to use the gun, he wasn’t paying attention. He was texting and talking on video with his family.

Baldwin was said in the court filings to have acted erratically and aggressively while filming Rust and was playing with the gun while in his possession.

When production continued after the shooting, the prosecution said Baldwin argued he shouldn’t have to adhere to safety protocols regarding the handling of weapons on set.

Baldwin’s July trial in New Mexico is expected to include a charge of involuntary manslaughter. The actor has pleaded innocent to all of the accusations brought against him.