PROOF? Two More People Support Tara Reade’s Biden Sex Assault Accusation

(PresidentialWire.Com)- Now that presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has officially denied the allegations that he sexually abused a former Senate staffer in 1993, more people are coming forward to support Reade’s claims.

The Associated Press reports that two people, who preferred to be anonymous, say that they had previously spoken to Reade about Biden’s behavior and the incident she alleges happens. The AP claims that the two sources only wish to remain anonymous to protect their family, given the huge amount of abuse Reade has recently begun receiving.

One of the sources is a friend who knew Reade in 1993, and who said Reade told them about what happened when it happened. Another friend met Reade over a decade after the incident took place, but Reade talked to her about what happened during a discussion in 2007 or 2008. In both instances, the friends say that Reade alleged Biden sexually assaulted her in a corridor in the Senate building in 1993.

The two corroborating stories come as Reade faces more backlash from Democrats, including Twitter hashtag campaigns calling her a liar. Both #TaraReadeIsALiar and #IBelieveBiden were trending on Twitter over the weekend, in stark contrast to the way Democrats behaved when Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault when he was a university student.

Reade came forward publicly about her accusation in March, and since then has elaborated on what she says happens in multiple television, radio, and print interviews. Reade also filed an official complaint with Washington, D.C. police about the incident.

Recently discovered footage of the Larry King Show on CNN from the 1990s also seems to suggest Reade has consistently told the same story for decades. In the footage, Reade’s late mother can be heard asking for advice about what her daughter should do, referencing an independent with a “prominent senator.”

Reade isn’t the only person who has experienced the gropey side of Joe Biden. For many years it’s been known that Biden acts inappropriately with women. Videos appear all over the Internet showing Biden inappropriately touching women and making them visibly uncomfortable.

Tara Reade’s accusations may never be proven right or wrong, but what is true is that the Democrats aren’t taking kindly to a Democrat accusing their presidential candidate of sexual assault.