Pro-Democrat Leftist Group Turns On Boss For Being White

( Teens Take Charge (TTC), a radical left-wing group that used children to attack parents who wanted to keep schools open during the pandemic as “racist,” has turned on itself to attack its boss for being white, according to a report from the Daily Wire. The group reportedly advertised itself as a group of largely minority children, while calling those who disagreed with the group’s aim “racist.”

The group is part of a nonprofit called The Bell, run by a white man named Taylor McGraw (not to be confused with the country singer, Tim McGraw). The group has issued an apology, saying that they have separated from The Bell and McGraw saying that “some of our community members were harmed by the white norms he perpetuated.”

In substitute for the white man, TTC appointed Thivaya Saraswati as “Interim Adult Executive Director.” Saraswati is reportedly a “queer, Tamil woman,” who wrote that the group was not the “radical utopia” that she thought it was.

“Part of our growth as an organization is to acknowledge the harm that’s taken place at TTC,” she added. “There was a culture at TTC that was harmful to staff and youth, especially to Black & Brown youth. This included: a deep-rooted hustle, time-scarce culture that led to severe burnout; a lack of centering the most marginalized youth, which contributed to standards rooted in white supremacy…”

The group not only attacked itself but fellow Democrat Maud Maron, a former New York school board member and city council candidate. Maron said that the group attacked her for disagreeing with their stance that tests were racist because too many Asian students excelled.

“They’re apologizing to the wrong people about the wrong things,” Maron said. “It was a little Maoist terror cell that went after parents like me who were simply advocating for better education for kids.”

“Apologizing for the fact that Taylor McGraw is a white dude is an idiotic thing to apologize for,” Maron said, adding that he ran the organization exactly as it was intended, which was to attack anyone who was not on board with their leftist schemes.

Asian parents were particularly disturbed by the group who they reportedly claim reminded them of the Red Guard in Maoist China, a paramilitary group that used children as ideological foot soldiers for the regime’s beliefs.

TTC had employed children to speak at contentious education meetings advocating lower standards on tests. They were reportedly delivering emotionally appealing messages designed to make it harder to challenge them. New York City parents, however, did not believe in lowering educational standards, a factor that led to Mayor Eric Adams walking back previous policies by former Mayor Bill DeBlasio.