Prince Harry Says He Knew Reports of His Relationship With Queen Would “Wind Up” His Family

( During a recent episode of “The Royal Beat” on True Royalty TV (who knew there was such a thing?), a “royal family expert” suggested that Prince Harry saying in a recent American interview that he and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II have a “really special relationship” is likely to make it harder to heal the divide between Harry and the rest of the Royal Family.

How exactly does one become a “royal family expert?” Is there a degree offered at Oxford or Cambridge? Are there internships involved?

This “royal family expert,” Roya Nikkhah said Harry admitting that he still has a close relationship with his grandmother the Queen will likely be “incendiary” and “triggering” for the rest of the family who “are around for the Queen all the time.”

Sure, they tell us to “trust the experts,” but can you trust a royal family expert who utters a word like “triggering?”

All Harry did was tell Good Morning America host Hoda Kotb that he still maintains a special relationship with his grandmother, and this “royal expert” acts as if Harry pulled an Amber Heard and took a dump on the Royal Family.

Why do all the people who make a living opining on the Royals always think they can read the inner thoughts of people they only know from afar?

Why shouldn’t Harry and the Queen maintain a close relationship? She’s his grandmother. And more to the point, why should anybody care?

“Royal expert” Nikkhah conceded that there is “no doubting” that there is a special relationship between Harry and the Queen. But, she added, Harry admitting to this special relationship on an American TV show knowing full well the comments would come back to his family “felt quite incendiary.”

In addition to pretending to be psychics, most “royal family experts” are also Nosy Parker busybodies who need to find a more productive use of their time.