President’s Home Burned To The Ground, Report Finds

( A Russian military alliance announced on Thursday that military officials would be dispatched to Kazakhstan after the nation’s president called for assistance in calming tensions and protests in the country that have turned into extreme violence.

The riots, which looked similar to those orchestrated by Antifa in hundreds of American cities in 2020, resulting in the seizure and arson of government buildings…including the official presidential residence.

The Mayor of Almaty, the largest city in the country, also saw his official residence set on fire on the same day.

The riots were reportedly sparked as a result of rising fuel prices in the country –anger that most Americans can probably sympathize with right now.

According to the Kazakhstan Interior Ministry, some eight police officers and members of the national guard have been killed in the riots, and over 300 people have been injured. No data has been made available on the number of civilian casualties.

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev reached out to the Collective Security Treaty Organization, alliance of six former Soviet states, to help calm the unrest. It took mere hours before the organization’s council approved sending out peacekeepers and members of the military to help control the unrest.

The footage below shows the extent to the riots in Kazakhstan which have been raging for several days:

Post Millennial reporter Andy Ngo shared more footage of the riots:

President Tokayev claimed that the unrest was caused by “terrorist bands” that received assistance from other countries, but he was not specific about which countries he believes were responsible for aiding the unrest.