PRESIDENT VERMIN SUPREME? Justin Amash Drops Out of Libertarian Race, Paving Way for Other Candidates

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( After much media attention, Rep. Justin Amash has decided not to go ahead with a third-party presidential campaign on behalf of the Libertarian Party. The Never Trump lawmaker for Michigan left the Republican last year over his opposition to President Trump, and despite desperately needing new political clout, chose not to go ahead and launch an exploratory committee for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination.

“I’ve spent nearly three weeks assessing the race, appearing in media, talking to delegates and donors, watching the Libertarian Party’s convention plan unfold, and gathering feedback from family, friends, and other advisers,” Amash said on Twitter.

“After much reflection, I’ve concluded that circumstances don’t lend themselves to my success as a candidate for president this year, and therefore I will not be a candidate.”

It was late last month when Amash admitted that he was considering running for president. He made the announcement after Donald Trump told the press that, as president, he has “total” authority over when states decide to relax their stay-at-home rules. Being a libertarian, Amash took issue with the claim.

Now that he has conceded that it’s unlikely he’ll win, however, he leaves the nomination wide open to other Libertarian candidates…including a man who wears a wellington boot on his head.

Never heard of Vermin Supreme? He’s the libertarian who wants to create a “pony-based economy” and give every American a pony and promotes a series of other wacky policies that are only just a little crazier than the ones Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez promotes.

In a series of viral videos, he’s even claimed to have traveled in time.

After Amash announced he wouldn’t run, Supreme took to Twitter to tell his supporters that he thinks he might take the nomination.

“F*ck. I might just win,” he said.