Popular Comedian Put ENTIRE CAREER On The Line – Gets Huge Surprise…

(PresidentialWire.com)- You know Dave Chappelle. He’s the American comedian who repeatedly upsets woke activists over his extreme popularity and the fact that even Netflix is willing to overlook his politically incorrect comedy.

It’s hard not to when he makes Netflix so much money.

After Chappelle’s most recent comedy special “The Closer” was aired on the online streaming platform, the reviews from viewers and the press revealed just how out-of-touch the media has become. Rotten Tomatoes, for instance, gave the special a 33% “top critic” rating…even though the comic received an average rating of 96% from average viewers.

Chappelle received a torrent of abuse for his comedy special, with media outlets scolding him for “using white privilege.” No, it doesn’t make any sense – but that’s exactly what NPR said. The outlet claimed that his special went “too far,” and GLAAD went as far as insisting that Netflix pull the show from Netflix completely.

And in case you were wondering what he did to upset people, he made outrageous statements like “gender is a fact.”


He also defended the author of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, who has taken her fair share of SJW abuse after she stood up for “cis” women in the fact of abuse from transgender activists.

It prompted trans Netflix employees to announce that they will stage a walkout to protest the special appearing on the platform.

Let’s just hope Netflix doesn’t bow to their insane demands. Imagine if straight white people walked out every time a company they work for pandered to the far left…nobody would ever go to work!

But despite the abuse, despite the media smears, Chappelle is killing it. After Netflix refused to pull the show, the positive reviews kept on coming in, with average viewers telling him to keep “pushing boundaries” and “telling it like it is.”