Pope Francis Warns Of ‘Cancel Culture’ That Doesn’t Allow ‘Freedom Of Expression’

(PresidentialWire.com)- On Monday in his annual “State of the World” address, Pope Francis expressed his concern over the current cancel culture, condemning the “one-track thinking” that seeks to deny or rewrite history to conform with modern-day standards.

But before people on the right start thinking Pope Francis has been “red-pilled,” you might want to forgo popping the champagne.

Most of the Pope’s “State of the World” address was dedicated to promoting national COVID vaccination campaigns, Climate Change, and condemning vaccine “misinformation.”

So if it was a red pill, it was a very small one.

In his remarks on “cancel culture,” the pope warned of “ideological condemnation” that leaves no room for freedom of expression. He condemned the way “cancel culture” has invaded “many circles and public institutions.”

But then he also came down on the side of social media and the Biden administration by condemning those who oppose vaccine mandates and decrying the “baseless” misinformation about the COVID vaccines.

That isn’t to dismiss his strong words condemning “cancel culture.” The pope was spot-on when he condemned the push to remove historical figures from statues or buildings. He was also right that “cancel culture” runs the risk of canceling identity.

But with Pope Francis, for each one red pill he takes, he swallows a half dozen blue ones.

In this same address, the pope called for a global political commitment to pursue immunization for the good of the general population. He urged for an equitable distribution of vaccines to poor nations and called for the “monopolistic” patent rules to be put aside for the greater good.

In decrying “baseless” misinformation about the COVID vaccines, the pope said that places with effective vaccination campaigns have reduced the risk of severe repercussions and decreased the disease.

And because this is Pope Francis, he had to include Climate Change in his address, saying among other things that the November Climate Change summit in Glasgow was too weak “in light of the gravity of the problem.”

He also urged countries to take in as many “migrants” as they could.