Polls Say Trump Is LOSING Elderly Voters’ Support

(PresidentialWire.com)- We all know polls have been wrong before and could well be wrong again, but the recent onslaught of bad polls for the president has become a cause for concern for some Republicans. Some interesting polls published on Sunday now show that the president is struggling to maintain his support among senior citizens, with more elderly voters in swing states switching sides to the Democrats or losing faith in the president.

The latest national survey from Gallup showed that Trump’s approval rating among senior voters was 47% between May and June. It was 51% between January and May. It suggests a fairly significant drop of four points, with the major factors that have changed since then being the onset of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, lockdown, and extreme left-wing riots.

A series of other polls that were also released on Sunday posed some worrying new problems for the president, too, with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden starting to make “inroads” with elderly voters across Texas, Florida, and Arizona. The numbers even showed that elderly voters who usually vote Republican are turning away from the president over “dissatisfaction” of how the president handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

A CBS/YouGov poll in Florida showed that Trump has an eight-point lead with seniors in the state, which is around half of what he had in 2016.

The Washington Post wrote extensively about this recently after interviewing elderly voters across the country. Their reports found that seniors believe that 2020 is a “referendum on the president” rather than an endorsement of Joe Biden or the Democrats’ vision for America.

Hey, maybe they consider it a referendum on the president, but if they don’t endorse Biden’s vision for America…they might have a shock when the Democrats implement that vision. Free healthcare for illegals but not for citizens? Check. No police departments? Check…

The Post also noted that seniors were concerned about Trump’s “coronavirus messaging” as most elderly voters were urged by their doctors to stay at home as much as possible during the pandemic, and they felt Trump’s message wasn’t quite the same.

Polls can be wrong, but the fact that elderly voters are concerned about the president’s handling of the virus is hard to ignore. Perhaps that’s why President Trump recently appeared wearing a mask for the first time.

There’s time yet to turn this around, but if the coronavirus is the primary concern for elderly voters, it’s probably something the president will have to seriously address. Along with job numbers.