Police Remove Beaver From Hospital In Hilarious Video

A Tennessee police force has published a video showing its officers catching a wild beaver on Christmas Day in a hospital, which is an unexpected location for such an event.

The Bartlett Police Department uploaded a video of the strange occurrence on their Instagram account. The animal was brought to the attention of the hospital administrator at Saint Francis Hospital, who then contacted the authorities.

Instagram users requested the St. Francis Beaver Wranglers’ body cam footage. The Bartlett Police Department complied.

A report shows the hospital staffer informed the police that she had no idea who to contact. Therefore, she had hoped that the police might be able to assist her. A beaver was seen in the hospital foyer, and one of the nurses urged her to contact animal control about it.

The caller confirmed that it was located in the hospital lobby. The police operator found it amusing and agreed to send over an officer.

The officer used a stick to try to corral the nervous beaver onto a wagon, as seen in the humorous footage with music playing in the background. Despite this, the creature persisted in hiding behind various pieces of furniture.

After much resistance, the beaver boarded the wagon and was taken to a neighboring creek. The footage shows a police officer putting the beaver into the water.

The Smithsonian reports that the deserts of Nevada and California and portions of Utah and Arizona are the only places in North America where you won’t see beavers. Wetland habitats such as ponds, marshes, rivers, lakes, and streams are home to these creatures.

Beavers construct impenetrable dams from sticks interwoven with reeds, branches, and seedlings, then seal them with mud. They are among the few creatures that alter their natural environment in this way.

Dams create ponds that move slowly, which decreases stream erosion. Many different kinds of tiny aquatic creatures call these ponds home, and bigger animals rely on them for water and food. The beaver’s ability to construct dams opens up new ecosystems that are home to a wide variety of animals.