Police On Manhunt After Black Man Caught Vandalizing Building With Nazi Painting

(PresidentialWire.com)- The New York Police Department is on the lookout for a black male caught on surveillance camera drawing a swastika on the side of a Manhattan office building.

The vandalism also carries a charge of aggravated harassment because the act is considered a hate crime.

The incident was recorded on March 10th at 3:40 pm, in “broad daylight.”

The office building is at 450 Lexington Avenue near Grand Central Station. The suspect ran southbound after completing his hate-filled drawing.

The police released a description of the suspect based on footage captured by the camera. He is dark-skinned and wore a gray hoodie with a yellow shirt underneath. He was also wearing dark pants and dark-colored sneakers.

The building has offices occupied by the post office and a law firm, not seemingly being a motive for the crime.

The police ask anyone with any information to call the NYPD Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers requested information about a hate crime involving graffiti last month. That incident occurred in East Harlem, and a man scrawled anti-black messages in addition to a swastika.

Around that same time in February, surveillance footage captured a man approaching the doors of a Broadway theater. He vandalized the entrance with large swastikas.

This week, someone spray-painted the Nazi symbol around the perimeter of a high school in Middleborough, Massachusetts. One message specifically targeted the principal. It was a direct threat.

Cameras captured the image of what appears to be two males individuals dressed head-to tow, including masks, in black garb.

In Germany, where the swastika is strictly forbidden, street artists look for the symbols. Instead of scrubbing them off the wall, they cleverly utilize the lines of the swastika to create an entirely new, uplifting work of art.

Washington D.C.’s Union Station was also the site of swastika graffiti. In that case, the suspect apprehended was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Although hates crimes are taken seriously, the Biden administration refused to deport the man because of the policies the Biden doctrine administers.

Of course, not everything spray-painted that looks vaguely like a swastika is, indeed, a swastika.

In an embarrassing display of naivete’, comedian Sarah Silverman trended on Twitter when she was outraged over finding swastikas painted on the sidewalk while walking to get coffee.

The “swastikas” were symbols drawn on the ground by construction workers and are markings used to designate the locations of underground pipes and wires.