Police Assist Man With Clever Marriage Proposal

Police in Wisconsin helped a man pull off an amazing marriage proposal by pretending to arrest him during a traffic stop. Businessman Troy Goldschmidt and his fiancée encountered officers at the Eau Claire Police Department when they lost a cell phone during a previous visit to the city, and an Officer named Maggie Andersen helped them find it. Goldschmidt subsequently asked Officer Andersen to help him with his plan.

On a later visit to the city, 90 miles from Minneapolis, Officer Andersen and a colleague pulled over Mr. Goldschmidt’s car as the pair had previously plotted. At the roadside, the cops pretended there was a problem with the car and asked Goldschmidt to step out of the vehicle.

Officer Andersen then approached the passenger window and asked Moriah Prichard to exit the car and step to the rear before pretending to place handcuffs on Goldschmidt’s wrists. At that point, he drops to his knees, takes out an engagement ring, and says, “I love you so much. You’re my best friend. I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” before popping the question. She said yes, and they were quickly joined by their parents, who were close by and watching the whole thing.

The happy incident was captured on police bodycam and posted to Facebook by the Eau Claire police department with the caption, “You never know what’s going to happen on a traffic stop!”

Newly engaged Prichard later posted her own Facebook message and paid tribute to the officers, saying, “Thank you SO much, Eau Claire Police Department for volunteering your time, and Troy Goldschmidt for your love, care, and creativity,” before adding that she can’t wait to spend her life with her new fiancé. Officers responded that it was their pleasure.

When the couple reached their hotel, the bride-to-be found her room had been filled with flowers, together with a series of cards explaining all of the things Goldschmidt loved most about her.