PlayStation Executive Terminated After Pedophile Sting Video

( A senior Sony executive has been fired after he was allegedly snared in an amateur pedophilia sting operation.

George Cacioppo, who up until a few days ago was senior vice president for the Sony team behind PlayStation, was captured on video by People v. Preds trying to arrange a meeting with a 15-year-old boy.

Cacioppo had been with Sony for over eight years, only recently becoming senior vice president of engineering. In a statement released on Sunday, Sony acknowledged that they were aware of the sting video and had terminated “the employee in question.”

Cacioppo has not been criminally charged, however, the San Diego Police Department confirmed that their Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is conducting an active investigation into the matter.

The amateur group People v. Preds sets up sting operations intended to catch sexual predators who arrange meetings with decoy victims online. Cacioppo was caught by the group after allegedly trying to meet up with a decoy posing as a 15-year-old boy in the wee hours of the morning.

In the video footage, Cacioppo is seen standing in front of his house wearing a black PlayStation 5 T-shirt. The cameraman approaches him and asks Cacioppo whom he is meeting. The cameraman then threatens Cacioppo, telling him he can either speak to the cameraman or the cameraman will call the police. Cacioppo then turns to walk back into the house while the cameraman shouts threats at him, saying he will call the police.

The video, which was live-streamed on YouTube on Friday, racked up more than 112,000 views.

According to a report on, Cacioppo made contact with the decoy via the LGBT dating app Grindr while posing as a man named “Jeff.” The two exchanged pictures and discussed sex acts. Eventually, Cacioppo allegedly gave the decoy his address to meet up for sex. The decoy told Cacioppo he would take an Uber to his house.

People v. Preds has confirmed that it sent the details of its sting to the San Diego County DA’s office.