Pipe Bomb Was Placed Next To Security, But Not Noticed For Hours

(presidentialwire.com)- In an explosive report last week, Revolver News examined imagery from Google Earth to determine the plausibility of the FBI’s claims about the so-called pipe bomb planted at the DNC headquarters in Washington DC before the January 6 riot.

Using the 3D “street view” option on Google Earth, Revolver was able to find the walking path from the front entrance of the building to the bench where the pipe bomb was placed. The pipe was “quite literally just around the corner” from the main entrance beside a security station.

In its report, Revolver includes several screen captures of the “street view” images of the area and notes that anyone walking that route between 7:00 am and noon on January 6, 2021, would have easily seen the pipe bomb that was allegedly planted the night before.

The supposed pipe bomb wasn’t placed in an obscure, out-of-the-way spot. Instead, Google’s street view shows that it was planted in a well-traveled area close to the rear parking garage, the entry and exit doors, and the main entrance of the building.

Revolver concludes that this prominent placement of the so-called pipe bomb planted by so-called insurrectionists “is of crucial importance.”

Keep in mind, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris visited the DNC headquarters on the morning of January 6, 2021, when the supposed pipe bomb was present. Either her Secret Service protection detail is incompetent and completely missed the pipe bomb when doing an initial sweep or there was no pipe bomb planted under a bench along the highly-traveled route in the first place.

This might be why Kamala’s visit to the DNC headquarters wasn’t revealed until a year after the so-called “insurrection.” It shot holes in the whole “the insurrectionists planted a pipe bomb” storyline.

Last week, after its report broke, Revolver’s Darren Beattie appeared on Steve Bannon’s podcast to discuss Revolver’s ongoing investigation into the supposed pipe bombs and what they discovered using Google Earth.

Watch Steve Bannon’s interview with Beattie HERE.