Piers Morgan Asked Prince Andrew To Meet With FBI

(PresidentialWire.com)- You’ve heard of Piers Morgan. He’s the British former newspaper editor who is best known for his work on a number of well-known televised talent shows and, most recently, his time spent as a news anchor and commentator for Good Morning Britain.

The fact that Morgan is so well-known in the United States and the United Kingdom for his work in the media means that Prince Andrew probably has something to worry about now that he’s calling on the British royal to work with the FBI on the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Prince Andrew, who has since resigned from his official duties representing the Royal Family, is currently the target of a lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts, a 38-year-old victim of dead billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Roberts alleges that Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, forcefully had sex with her three times in London, the Caribbean, and New York.

In a piece for the British Daily Mail, Piers Morgan noted that the claim is technically considered child abuse as Roberts was only 17 at the time, making her a minor under state law.

Morgan reminded readers, after describing the case in great detail, that this is the middle son of the reigning Queen of England – and that this isn’t the first time that Roberts, who now goes by her married name Virginia Giuffre, has made these claims.

He said that he has absolutely no idea whether Prince Andrew is being honest when he says that he has never committed these crimes, but added that now Epstein is dead, it’s possible that nobody really knows what happened other than he, Virginia Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell.

And for that reason, and the fact that the claims in the lawsuit are so serious, he said that Andrew should agree to be interviewed by the FBI.

The Duke of York is likely already under pressure to do so, but with big names like Piers Morgan stepping up the pressure, it might only be a matter of time before he does.