Photos Reveal State Department Lies About John Kerry

( Former Obama secretary of state John Kerry serves as President Biden’s “Climate Czar” because John Kerry is super-concerned about saving the planet. Unless, of course, “Climate Czar” Kerry has to get to Martha’s Vineyard the easy way in order to attend Barack Obama’s 60th Birthday Bash. Then, Kerry happily puts aside his so-called “principles” and flies there by private jet.

You know, the way someone super concerned about saving the planet always does.

When the news of Climate Czar Kerry’s private jet excursion to Martha’s Vineyard first broke, a State Department spokesman denied the news, arguing that Kerry lives on Martha’s Vineyard and therefore did not need to travel to the party. Instead, Kerry arrived there earlier and he took the ferry just like the little people do.

Only problem is the UK Daily Mail published a photo of Climate Czar Kerry disembarking from a private jet with the caption, “Presidential envoy for climate John Kerry took a private jet to the island of Martha’s Vineyard.” The caption has subsequently been changed with no mention of taking a private jet. Instead, the caption only says Kerry “was pictured on the island,” adding “where he has a home.”

Nonetheless the picture remains the same — clearly showing John Kerry climbing out of a private jet on Martha’s Vineyard.

Which begs the question, who told the UK Daily Mail to change the caption? And why bother changing the caption when the picture is still an image of John Kerry disembarking from a private jet?

Is it possible the photo is not from last weekend? Maybe. But that doesn’t change the fact that Climate Czar John Kerry has no problem jetting around on private planes while lecturing the world about the dangers of “Climate Change.”

But just as it is with coronavirus, the people who are telling us to worry about Climate Change are themselves not at all worried about Climate Change.

If Obama truly believed that sea levels are rising at an alarming rate, he never would have purchased a coastal estate on Martha’s Vineyard. Only someone who doesn’t have a single worry about Climate Change would do that.

If John Kerry truly believed that air travel is destroying the planet, he would forgo the private jet and wind-surf his way to Martha’s Vineyard instead.

None of them are worried. Not about coronavirus, and certainly not about Climate Change.

So why should we?