Philadelphia Schools to Reopen PART-TIME Under “Hybrid” Schedule

( Philadelphia parents face further months of uncertainty when it comes to their children’s education. Schools across the city are expected to open under a hybrid schedule in the coming months, which will see students only being taught in classrooms around two times each week.

According to Superintendent William R. Hite, Jr., the new schedule will see students learning five days a week but only attending classrooms a couple of times during that week.

“Our schools will offer a mix of face-to-face and digital learning to help meet the varied needs of all of our students, families, and staff,” he explained.

It’s going to be a little while until that happens, though. After being out of school for months already, children will be out of education for the remainder of the summer vacation. Then, they are expected to return to their learning schedule on September 2, 2020. This is still the provisional date, however, as the local board is yet to approve the decision.

A number of options were considered when the school district was coming up with plans to get children back into education. “Schedule 3” was the plan they chose, which includes “face-to-face learning for students with complex needs and A/B Schedule for all other K-12 students.”

That means that K-12 students will attend the classroom twice a week, whether that’s Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday. On the days that they don’t attend school, the students will participate virtually from computers. Presuming their parents are able to stay home with them and give them access to a computer and an Internet connection.

The schools will also reportedly “make every effort to ensure siblings in a household are on the same schedule.”

Students with complex needs will attend school almost as normal. They will be in the classroom Monday to Thursday, and those students may include those with disabilities, learning issues, or perhaps problems at home.

Parents will also be given access to the “Digital Academy” model that was adopted by many other school districts nationally.

Superintendent Hite did warn, however, that the decision depends on the COVID-19 situation. If the virus spikes again, this decision could be reversed.