Pentagon OKs Military Bases To Target Children Under Biden

( Here’s a story that, if it were to have happened under the Trump administration, would have caused an immense amount of media outrage. But because it’s happening under the Biden administration, most people probably won’t even find out about it.

Over the weekend, the Pentagon confirmed rumors that it had approved a third military site to be used in California to house unaccompanied migrants children pouring across the United States’ southern border with Mexico. The new facility is effectively an additional “cage” that the Democrats criticized former President Donald Trump for using to safely house a much smaller number of children crossing the border.

“On April 2, the Department of Defense approved a request for assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for facilities and land to temporarily house unaccompanied children at Camp Roberts, California,” a spokesperson for the Department of Defense said on Saturday.

“This support is being provided on a fully-reimbursable basis. DoD only provides this kind of support where it has no impact on military readiness and its ability to conduct its primary missions,” the statement continued.

It comes after the Biden administration committed a gigantic $86 million to house illegal aliens in hotels In Arizona and Texas, with a contract expected to at least six months. The Washington Post also reported that in March, the second full month of the Biden presidency, more than 18,800 children were apprehended by Customs and Border Protection. That was a 99% increase over February, the first full month of the Biden presidency, and significantly more than the 11,861 children apprehended in May 2019, a peak during the Trump administration.

CBP is now projecting that up to 184,000, or more, children could be apprehended on the border this year – a damning indictment on President Joe Biden’s border policy. And after the Democrats accused the Republicans of throwing children in cages and concentration camps for the last four years, it is a remarkable scenario that doesn’t appear to be resulting in much criticism of the president from his own side.

Not only is the Biden administration dealing with unprecedented numbers of illegal alien children on the border, the number of “got away” migrants who cross the border without being apprehended is understood to have increased to around 1,000 per day.

How bad does it have to get before the Democrats admit that Trump was right?