Pentagon Makes Stunning Admission – It Really Is A Threat

( After years of preparation by the Trump administration, it looks like President Joe Biden has bungled the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, with Pentagon officials warning that they have “deep concern” about the Taliban’s encroachment across the country following the withdrawal of 90% of American forces.

On Sunday, the Pentagon’s press secretary John Kirby warned that America’s partners in Afghanistan, namely the Afghan government and its military, must “step up” to defend their country as the Taliban takes advantage of the U.S. withdrawal.

He told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that the Pentagon is watching with concern at the “deteriorating security situation” in the country, noting an increase in violence and the “momentum” of the Jihadist Taliban group.

It comes as the Kremlin announces a delegation of Taliban officials visited Moscow over the weekend to discuss future diplomacy and promising not to allow any other Jihadist and terrorist organizations to use Afghanistan soil to plot attacks against Russia and central Asia.

Kirby told Wallace that American officials are still monitoring the movement of the Taliban in Afghanistan and providing support to the Afghan military, encouraging them to use their capability and capacity to defend themselves.

Earlier this month, when the U.S. military left the Bagram airbase, which was the largest U.S. airbase in Afghanistan, it was almost instantly looted. President Joe Biden ordered the military to withdraw quickly, prompting them to leave behind millions of dollars worth of equipment.

Gas canisters, laptops, and a range of other pieces of military equipment were stolen from the Bagram base.

Darwaish Raufi, a district administrator for the Bagram base, told the New York Times that the withdrawal took place overnight and “not in coordination” with Afghan officials. He even said that the U.S. military left “without any coordination,” leaving Afghan forces at a loss and unable to quickly take back control of the base when looters arrived.

Kirby confirmed to Chris Wallace on Fox that now troops have left, the United States will not be providing any further ground support to the Afghan forces. However, he insisted that America was “not walking away” from the relationship.

How does Joe Biden mess everything up so badly…every time?