Pentagon Brings Back Boards After Removing Trump Loyalists

( A report from The Hill claims that President Joe Biden’s controversial Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, is preparing to restore five advisory boards at the Pentagon just months after he suspended them and kicked out hundreds of appointments made by former President Donald Trump.

It’s just another chapter in the Biden administration’s long process of removing any official installed by former President Donald Trump – and proving once again that this could be the most spiteful administration in American political history.

The five panels that were initially suspended by Austin focused on health, science, innovation, business, policy, and science – all areas that you’d think are important for American defense…especially at a time when Russian and Chinese hackers are infiltrating American computer systems.

John Kirby, press secretary for the Department of Defense, said that the committee-level work has been completed and that the department is examining committee recommendations to determine how to move forward. He also said that they are considering what boards will be reconstituted, how they will be chaired, and how they will be populated.

In other words, they’re preparing to remove anybody appointed by former President Donald Trump.

Remember when Joe Biden said that he wouldn’t work as a partisan president, but as a president for everybody?

Among the officials appointed by former President Trump are Anthony Tata, the former acting senior defense official who hit the headlines when he described President Barack Obama as a “terrorist leader.”

Well, he did commit more drone strikes than any other president in American history…

The Defense Department claimed that Secretary Austin was concerned at the “scale of recent changes” to the advisory committees. That’s why he removed members from 31 of a total of 42 panels in February of this year.

Newsmax also claimed that officials within the Department of Defense criticized Trump’s appointees for being “old white guys.”

Do you need any more evidence that the Biden administration is the most partisan and extreme government in history?