Pelosi’s Having Them Brought In For Questioning…

  ( Of course she is...

On Thursday, Kash Patel released a statement expressing disappointment, but adding that he isn’t surprised. In his statement, Patel points out that the committee resorted to “compulsory process” without even first seeking his “voluntary cooperation,” adding that he will “continue to tell the truth to the American people about the events of January 6th.”

The “credible evidence” the committee claims to have is a mixture of news reports (ah, yes, because those would be completely reliable) and documents the committee obtained that “suggest” these four might have information relevant to their investigation.

In his letter to Steve Bannon, Thompson actually cited passages from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s anti-Trump book “Peril” as “evidence.”

But not just Bannon. Thompson also included passages from “Peril” in his letter to Dan Scavino, noting that the book suggested Scavino was at Trump’s side the night before January 6.

This is what amounts to “credible evidence” to this absurdly partisan committee. It’s almost too laughable to be believed.

Meadows, Patel, Scavino and Bannon have been told by the committee to produce relevant documents by October 7, and to prepare to be deposed by investigators the following week.