Pelosi Presses For Senate Action Over Rigged January 6th Commission

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is extremely eager to get the January 6 commission off the ground. It’s the partisan plot dreamed up by Democrats who failed to convict former President Donald Trump on false charges that he incited a violent insurrection on the day that Congress voted on the electoral college results.

On Monday, Speaker Pelosi issued a statement thanking the National Guard for protecting the Capitol – despite there being little to no threat to the Capitol building at this point – and urged congress to rally behind her idea of establishing a commission to investigate the “truth” behind the riots.

And by truth, let’s face it, we know she’s probably talking about pointing the finger at former President Trump and the Republicans some more…

Legislation was approved in the House last week to establish the 9/11-style Commission, with the support of 35 Republicans who either don’t understand the power it will give Democrats to smear Republicans as insurrectionists…or who don’t care.

Pelosi said on Monday that it is “imperative” for Congress to “take action to honor the sacrifice of law enforcement and to protect the Capitol and ensure that an attack can never again be perpetrated against it.”

Pelosi failed to recognize the fact that President Donald Trump called on protesters to stay peaceful and even to “go home” on the day the riot occurred, and that many of the attendees were far-left radicals encouraging violence.

The FBI even walked back claims that protesters were operating “capture and assassinate” teams just days after January 6, saying there was zero “direct evidence” to substantiate those claims.

Since the impeachment efforts failed, Speaker Pelosi has encouraged the establishing of a commission to “Investigate” the riots, giving her and other members of Congress the power to call former President Trump in to testify about what happened that day.

Republicans have to see that this is a trick…but all it will take is ten GOP votes in the Senate for the plans to move forward. It’s not likely for now, but let’s see how this pans out.