Paul Pelosi’s Crashed Car Put Up For Auction

( Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was discovered to be drinking while intoxicated by the police when another driver in a jeep reportedly crashed into his Porsche at a dark intersection on May 28. The 2021 Carrera 4S appears to have been placed on the auction website, with damages listed to its side and undercarriage, according to the New York Post.

The car has an estimated retail value of $170,000 and over 2,700 miles on it, according to the details listed on the website. While the car’s identification number and VIN is not listed, the Carfax report states that the car was involved in a “severe” accident on May 28, the same day that Pelosi was arrested and charged with a DUI after crashing his vehicle. The report also says the vehicle sustained front or side damages, deployed its airbags and was towed.

Photos of the car released from police appear to be identical to those taken at the auction after confirming that the vehicle was towed after the arrest was made. Police said that Paul Pelosi, 82-years-old, showed signs of intoxication when they arrived at the scene, finding him sitting in the driver’s seat of his car. He allegedly smelled of alcohol, could not stand straight on his feet, and slurred his words when police approached him.

Pelosi reportedly had a blood alcohol content at .082%, above the .08% limit. Dashcam footage at the time of the incident shows Pelosi telling the officer that he had a “glass of champagne before dinner” and also “a glass of white.” He pled guilty to DUI and was sentenced to three-year probation. He also received five days in prison but was given credit for four days and will complete another day as a court work program. He will also have to complete a three-month drunk driving course and an ignition locking device will be placed on his car for a year.