Patient Zero Of COVID-19 Looks Like It Was A Wuhan Lab Worker

( Peter Embarek, the man who led the World Health Organization team that investigated the Wuhan lab in China earlier this year, revealed to a Danish television station that patient zero of the COVID-19 pandemic was likely a worker in the laboratory.

It supports the theory that the virus originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a claim that was widely condemned as a conspiracy theory by Democrats and social media platforms from the very beginning of the pandemic.

Speaking to TV 2 News, Embarek said that the lab is where the virus first directly jumped form a bat to a human, and that in this case, it would likely be a laboratory worker who was first infected with the virus and not a random villager or other person who had contact with bats.

“So it is actually in the probable category,” he said.

Are the Democrats listening to this?

The report from the World Health Organization team revealed that the kind of bat that first passed on the virus to humans, the Horse Shoe Bat, was only present inside of the Wuhan laboratory and doesn’t live naturally in the Wuhan region.

It is another piece of the puzzle that, again, supports the theory that the virus originated in the lab and not in nature.

Embarek added, however, that it is also possible that an employee of the lab may have been infected in the wild while collecting samples – which would again support the theory that the laboratory is responsible for the spread of the virus.

What’s so interesting about his claims, however, is that it is vastly different to what the World Health Organization said after the report – namely that it is “extremely unlikely” that the virus came from Wuhan.

Now the Democrats have successfully vilified former President Donald Trump over his insistence that China was to blame, and gotten him out of office, will they admit that they were wrong on this?