Parental Consent Will No Longer Be Required For Gender Surgery

( In case you were wondering, it’s not just the United States being infected by Critical Race Theory and far-left politics. This month it was revealed that even the Scottish government is taking ultra-progressive policies seriously, with a new initiative confirmed that will allow students as young as four to change their gender without the permission of their parents.

And teachers must go along with whatever those four year olds say.

The Scottish government has issued official guidance to primary schools in the country, stating that the recognition of a “gender identity” should occur at young ages.

Shirley-Anne Somerville, the Scottish Education Secretary, proudly revealed the new guidance and said that it shows schools how they can support transgender “young people: while ensuring that the “rights of all pupils” are respected.

What about the students who think they’re Spider Man?

Somerville said that the guidance gives schools practice guidance that is “not prescriptive” and “does not promote transitioning” – a clear effort to fend off criticism from those who say that children should not be encouraged to change their gender at school.

How is treating four year olds as if they are a member of the opposite sex not supporting transitioning?

The decision has been met with outcry from the Scottish people, leading us to wonder…why would the Scottish government think to implement a policy so obviously dangerous and unpopular?

Under the new rules, teachers are required not to question children who ask to be referred to by different pronouns, and should go along with it whether the parents agree with it or not. It means that, in some cases, parents may want to discourage their child from going down this dangerous path, and teachers may be doing the opposite five days a week.

Pray for the children of Scotland.