Palm Beach GOP Calls In Trump Jr To Investigate

( The leader of a grassroots movement to enlist America First Republicans to become committeemen and women in the Palm Beach GOP is calling on Donald Trump Junior to get involved.

Tom Vaughn, who has served as a Republican committeeman for decades, told the Gateway Pundit that Palm Beach is seeing historic growth in the number of Trump-supporting Republicans looking to get elected to party positions in order to advance the America First movement within the GOP.

The push is inspired by Dan Schulz’s “Precinct Strategy” method and his book How to Get Into the Real Ball Game of Politics Where You Live to Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again.

Schultz’s book, published in 2017, explains how to “Trumpify” the GOP by populating local party positions with America First Trump Republicans.

Schultz has appeared several times on Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss his precinct strategy – including this appearance:

In his interview with Gateway Pundit, Tom Vaughn said he believes the influx of America First Republicans in Palm Beach is directly due to Schultz’s book and his appearances on Bannon’s show.

What’s more, Vaughn, who calls himself an “insurgent,” told the Gateway Pundit that he would welcome the opportunity to share Schultz’s Precinct Strategy with Donald Trump Junior, adding that many of the members of the Palm Beach GOP are not pleased with his effort to expand the reach of America First members within the executive committees.

“But we’re doing it anyway,” he told the Gateway Pundit.

In a Facebook post, Vaughn said 78 new members have already been added to the Palm Beach Republican Executive Committee, and that most of them are “fire-breathing War Room posse American First Deplorables.” In his post, Vaughn adds that this movement goes beyond a “cult of personality.”

Vaughn hopes to ultimately increase the number of committeemen from the present 290 to six hundred, adding “this is how we are going to save America.”

Read the Gateway Pundit interview HERE.