Palace Drops Bombshell On Harry And Meghan

( Sources within the Royal Palace responded to accusations made in Harry and Meghan’s recent Netflix documentary, saying that they were not asked to address the comments and did not allegedly decline, according to Breitbart.

The Royal Palace officially stated that they will not be commenting on any accusations made in the couple’s “shock doc,” which reportedly leaves informal channels to get information over the validity of some claims to sources who cannot be named. This makes it harder to verify what is or is not true, but two British newspapers are citing two sources.

The Daily Mail reported that a “Buckingham Palace source” responded to the documentary’s title card which read that “Members of the Royal Family declined to comment on the content within this series.”

The source claimed that hours after the initial episodes were available to stream, royal officials claimed that they were never asked to comment on anything, also asserting that neither Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace nor any member of the family was asked.

Both The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph, who cite their own sources, claim that the insiders said that questions by an unknown third party had come forward to them, but they did not respond because they did not know who they were.

“[The Palace] said they contacted both Archewell Productions and Netflix in an attempt to verify the authenticity of the email but received no response. In the absence of any verification, they felt unable to provide any response, it is understood,” the Telegraph reports.

Breitbart reports that the documentary featured racism narratives and dubious academics pushing divisive racial politics. Prince Harry also reportedly set out to push back on the media for its “exploitation and bribery.”

The $100 million Netflix show aired three months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, although it was filmed in her lifetime. The Queen reportedly said that she was “devastated” by what she saw as a betrayal of Harry and Meghan to leave the royal family.