Only Stores Left Untouched In Minneapolis Were Armed By Civilians

( Fully prepared for a fresh round of far-left, Black Lives Matter-inspired riots in Minnesota, businesses owners and civilians armed themselves to protected properties in Brooklyn Center. And it worked.

On Tuesday night, as Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists rioted in response to Minnesota police officer Kim Potter shooting a Black motorist, armed civilians protected many businesses – and the businesses that didn’t have armed civilians out front were ransacked.

Townhall reporter Julio Rosas showed footage of the riots from his on-the-ground reporting, describing how rioters were “throwing projectiles and shooting fireworks at police guarding the city’s police building.”

In further Tweets, Rosas said that “some Brooklyn Center stores are being protected by civilians with firearms” and that the “looters have stayed away from these places.”

So…good guys with guns stopping bad guys, huh?

Further disturbing footage posted by Rosas showed Minnesota state troopers using crowd control munitions after the violence grew out of control, with a Dollar Tree store completely ransacked and smoke pouring from inside of it.

Over 60 arrests were made on Tuesday night, with officers taking people into custody and charging them for “riot and other criminal behaviors.”

Minnesota State Patrol Colonel Matt Langer said during a Wednesday press briefing that the acts they continue to see are “unacceptable” and that they will not tolerate them.

“It is not acceptable and it will not be tolerated if you choose to do criminal activity and destroy property and throw objects and make it unsafe for people to come and exercise their First Amendment Rights,” Lander said.

Tuesday’s riots weren’t the first, either.

The violence began on Sunday afternoon, with video footage showing looting and rioting across the region, following the death of a man who attempted to flee police custody when he was arrested during a traffic stop.

Assistant Commissioner for the Minnesota Department for Public Safety, Booker Hodges, said that “unfortunately again, some citizens decided to come out and throw these bricks and these other items at law enforcement and this type of behavior is not acceptable and we’re just, quite frankly, not going to tolerate it.”

But no matter how much the authorities say they won’t tolerate it, the violence continues.

Is America reaching a point where Black criminals can never be held accountable in the same way as white criminals over fears of violence and rioting?