Ocasio-Cortez Idiotically Claims GOP Wants To Ban Books

(PresidentialWire.com)- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gone all-in for the use of Critical Race Theory in America’s schools. And her arguments against those who oppose its insidious inclusion are completely insane, dishonest and slanderous.

In a lengthy segment with CNN’s Don Lemon, Ocasio-Cortez attacked Republicans who oppose CRT claiming that they don’t want their children to learn the “tradition of anti-racism in the United States.”

She accused Republicans of trying to ban books, ban speech, and fire professors. Republicans, Ocasio-Cortez, told Lemon are “attacking the core roots of history.”

The Ocasio-Cortez accused Republicans of not wanting Americans to learn not to be racist and not wanting kids to learn not to be racist.

The dimwitted fool was so proud of her histrionic harangue, she posted the clip to Twitter.

On his program Monday, Dave Rubin excoriated Ocasio-Cortez for her litany of lies and slanders, pointing out that everything she said in that segment “from top to bottom” was a lie.

Rubin points out that schools already teach about slavery in America, the Civil War, and the Jim Crow South. Preventing schools from implementing the divisive and Marxist Critical Race Theory would do nothing to stop children from learning about America’s history.

The “you oppose teaching history” argument is a straw man that has nothing to do with the opposition to so-called “anti-racism” education.

Nobody opposes teaching history in schools – except maybe teachers unions. History is currently the least-taught subject in public schools, much to the detriment of school children who are now so unmoored from their own history, that charlatans and cranks peddling Critical Race Theory are able to fill their heads with garbage.

And, as Rubin points out, the only people pushing to ban books aren’t Republicans. It is Leftist “progressives” who align with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that badger Amazon and other book sellers to stop offering books that go against their progressive dogma. It is they that threaten publishers in order to get them to refuse to publish an author’s book.

Opposition to Critical Race Theory is rooted in that belief that schools should not be marginalizing children based on the color of their skin. Teachers should not be pitting black against white or teaching children to make assumptions about each other solely on skin color. Teaching about America’s history of slavery or Jim Crow shouldn’t be used as way to indoctrinate children into hating their country or their fellow Americans.

At its core, Critical Race Theory is a pedagogy of division.

Rather than defend that divisive instruction, Ocasio-Cortez is arguing against a false narrative.

Then again, that’s what Leftists always do.

Watch Rubin’s segment HERE.