Obama Makes Big Endorsements Before Midterm Elections

(Presidentialwire.com)- According to a Democrat who has firsthand knowledge of the arrangements, President Biden and former President Obama will conduct a barnstorming tour of the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas on November 5, along with the party’s contenders for governor and the Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

Why is this significant?

In the last days leading up to the midterm elections, Democrats are concentrating their most potent resources in Pennsylvania. It is possible that the state, essential to Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election of 2020, may decide who controls the Senate in the coming year.

Josh Shapiro, the current attorney general, has maintained a lead over Doug Mastriano, the state senator, in the race for governor, while Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is involved in a close contest with Republican Mehmet Oz.

While President Biden has been avoiding massive political rallies, which were a defining midterm political move for his predecessors, he has made multiple trips to Pennsylvania this year, and Representative Fetterman hasn’t been afraid to appear beside him at any of those events.

At a dinner hosted by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party on October 28, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, his vice president, will raise money alongside John Fetterman. Additionally, Biden was in the state the week before last.

Biden is confident that he has a “fingertip feel” for Pennsylvania, the state on which he centered his campaign and which he turned from red to blue in the 2020 election.

However, Biden has chosen to stay away from states like Nevada and Arizona, both of which have Democratic incumbents amid heated campaigns.

The president stated the previous week that he has received “16 or 18” requests to campaign with candidates around the country; however, other than his trip to Pennsylvania, he does not have any further campaign travel booked for this week.

The locations of Obama’s upcoming campaign stops have been revealed to be Atlanta, Detroit, and Milwaukee.

Sen. Michael Bennet, the Democrat from Colorado who is up for re-election, did attend a non-political ceremony with President Joe Biden earlier this month in Camp Hale, Colorado when the latter dedicated a national monument there.

What we’re looking at right now: Biden has not yet served as the keynote speaker at a significant political event in the final two weeks before the election.

During the two years leading up to the midterm elections, Trump held rallies in 26 different cities, while Obama only held 14.