Obama Beats Reagan As Most Loved President Since The 80s In New Poll

(PresidentialWire.com)- A survey conducted on behalf of the producer of the upcoming biopic, “Reagan,” found that Ronald Reagan was more popular than every other president who came after him except Barack Obama.

The survey asked 1,058 respondents whom they would vote for in a hypothetical match-up between Reagan and each president that came after him.

Reagan beat all of them but Obama. In the match-up between Obama and Reagan, respondents preferred Obama by 14 points over the Gipper, 57 percent to 43 percent.

Reagan biographer Craig Shirley wasn’t surprised that Obama was the only one to top Reagan. Shirley said choosing Obama is like “voting for a rock star.”

“He was all personality,” Shirley said.

As for old Joe Biden, Reagan won that hypothetical match-up by ten points, 55 percent to Joe’s 45 percent.

Reagan beat George HW Bush 62 percent to HW’s 38 percent.

HW’s son George W. Bush fared no better, losing to Reagan 61 percent to 39 percent.

The president who came closest was Bill Clinton. Clinton managed to get 49 percent to Reagan’s 51 percent.

The president who fared the worst against Reagan was Donald Trump. Trump came in 30 points behind with a pathetic 35 percent to Reagan’s 65 percent.

Craig Shirley suggested Trump’s abysmal showing is due both to Trump’s divisive nature and the fact that he is under constant attack in the media, pop culture, and academia.

When Ronald Reagan left office in 1989, he had a 73 percent approval rating. Shirley believes that the 40th President will go down as one of the top five presidents in US history.