Obama Ally Apologizes After Bragging About Being D.C. Insider

(PresidentialWire.com)- President Obama’s ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, apologized over the weekend after a private message he sent on Twitter was revealed in which he boasted about his almost $1 million salary. In the tweet, the former ambassador bragged about his “giant house in paradise.”

McFaul, who is now the head of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford, apologized for sending the private message and admitted it was an “arrogant” and “idiotic” mistake.

No kidding…

He then attempted to backtrack and defend his arrogance, saying an army of Russian trolls were accusing him of being a “failure” and that it prompted him to respond in an “unprofessional way.”

This is the guy Obama hired to be an ambassador for the United States?

Journalist Glenn Greenwald shared the direct messages sent by McFaul, which clearly show the former ambassador furious at the idea people may see him as a failure. He also appeared to be enraged at the fact someone noted that McFaul, who served in his ambassador role for two years, was denied a Russian visa and has been told that he is banned from entering the country.

Since then, McFaul has fallen fairly silent on the issue – and it will no doubt be forgotten by the press and his employers, where he boasted of having a “job for life.”

But just imagine if this was a Trump-era ambassador bragging about making a million dollars per year off the back of a stint working for the government.

Can you imagine the screeching from the media and the left?

It just goes to show that it pays to side with the Democrats.