NYC Traveling To Latin America To Tell Migrants Not To Come

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City is going to Latin America this week to dissuade people from migrating to the Big Apple.

Adams, a Democrat, is leaving on Wednesday on a four-country tour that includes stops in Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. He plans to send a solid message to migrants that they shouldn’t risk coming to New York.

Adams remarked during a press conference on Tuesday that he wants sto give folks an accurate picture of what is going on. That NYC is full.

The mayor plans to do interviews on the radio and television to deter the influx of refugees.

Adams argued that efforts should be made to refute messages that indicate going to New York City is a surefire way to secure employment and a luxurious hotel room.

The thousands of undocumented immigrants who have settled in New York City over the past year have been the focus of the city’s efforts to promote social cohesion. Over 117,000 migrants have arrived in the town since last year, and many are still being sheltered for free. Because of this, the shelters in New York City for the homeless have reached capacity, and new ones have had to be opened.

Adams predicted this problem would spell doom for New York City a month ago. As of late, an additional 600 migrants have been arriving in New York daily.

New York City warned migrants in the summer that they shouldn’t come to the Big Apple because there are no promises that they’ll have a place to stay.

More than $1.2 billion has been spent on the migrants by NYC, and estimates put the total cost at up to $5 billion.

Tensions have arisen between New York and Biden over the immigration problem, as the mayor and the governor have asked for more federal aid.

Adams will travel to both Bogota, Colombia, and Quito, Ecuador. The DariĆ©n gap, a dense jungle area along the Colombian and Panamanian borders, is the final stop on Adams’s voyage north.

During his trip, the mayor plans to meet with government officials and visit organizations that help migrants.

Adams stated on Tuesday that the United States supports keeping open borders, which is unsustainable.