NPR Could Lose Federal Funding After New Trend Takes Shape

( The National Public Radio (NPR) is now under backlash over a conversation on July 4th.

NPR has a long-standing tradition of celebrating the birth of the United States of America by hosting a reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 4 each year. The purpose of this event is to convey the message that all Americans are united under this founding document and its principles. This tradition dates back to 1988. This past year, NPR sponsored several historians to talk about the formation of the United States of America through the prism of racial grievance and to seek to utilize the origins to support a socialist agenda.

At the beginning of the conversation, much time was spent going into detail regarding slavery and the hypocrisy that some of the Founding Fathers, like Thomas Jefferson, displayed by enslaving people. The discussion then shifted to the question of whether or not a nation that has abolished both slavery and the practice of Jim Crow has, in some way, failed to live up to the ideals expressed in the Declaration.

According to NPR host Steve Inskeep, “Thomas Jefferson and other founders wrote those words,” and the country has spent the past 246 years debating what they mean, particularly the line that all men are created equal, words that the founders were not precisely living by.

“Those words” refer to the Declaration of Independence, which Thomas Jefferson and other founders wrote.

As a result of this political messaging from a major media institution on a day that was intended to bring the country together, many individuals have called for the funding for NPR, an outlet partially sponsored by taxpayers, to be pulled. Since last night, NPR has been one of the top trending topics on Twitter. #DefundNPR was ubiquitous.

In recent years, left-wing media and activists have utilized many particularly American festivals to trash the country and forward a liberal, universalist, and awakened agenda. Even the holiday of Thanksgiving has not been spared from liberal campaigners, as articles decrying colonialism and the mistreatment of Native Americans are all too prevalent.