NO SURPRISE: Biden Leads Trump in CA By BIGGER Margins Than Hillary

( The Democrats could choose a horse as their presidential nominee and it would still win in California, so it probably won’t come as much of a surprise for you to learn that Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump by a massive 39-point margin in California.

President Donald Trump is so unpopular among the hard-left extremists populating the state and its big, failed cities, that he is polling just 28% to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s 67%.

At least Joe Biden can count on one state to win, even when he does fail miserably in the upcoming debates.

A poll by the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies was released on Tuesday, and it shows Biden with nine additional points in the lead over President Trump than Hillary Clinton did in 2016. When it came to the actual vote, though, Clinton secured 8.7 million votes in the state compared to 4.4 million. It suggests that the polls underestimated support for President Donald Trump in California just as they did all over the rest of the country.

So while Biden is likely to win California in November, it’s also perfectly likely that the polls are way off and Trump will win more than the predicted 28%. It’s easy to forget that California isn’t just the cities, and there are families all over the state who have witnessed the radicalism of the Democrats in those cities. Trump is likely to find support among those communities.

“Biden’s huge thirty-nine percentage point advantage over Trump among Californians likely to vote in the November presidential election is very broad-based, with majorities of voters in all regions of the state and across virtually all major demographic subgroups of the likely voter population,” the pollsters revealed.

“Republican and conservative voters are the major exceptions, with 88% of Republican voters and 84% of those identifying as very conservative in politics backing the President’s re-election,” they added.

The poll shows that the November election will comfortably favor the Democrats, with 48% of people likely to vote registered as Democrats and 26% registered as Republicans.