No, Pelosi Didn’t Buy a Florida Mansion

( The conservative blogosphere erupted this week with the rumor that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was buying a massive multi-million-dollar oceanfront mansion on Florida’s Jupiter Island. Only, according to Speaker Pelosi’s office and the real estate agency, the rumor is fake news.

The social media rumor mill spread the news like wildfire and many conservative blogs picked up on it and added to the noise. According to the “reports,” Pelosi was under contract to purchase a $25 million oceanfront mansion in Hobe Sound on the über-rich Jupiter Island.

In no time, conservative blogs and Twitter users were accusing Pelosi of being a hypocrite for constantly attacking Florida Governor DeSantis then deciding to buy a house in his state. Others mocked Pelosi for pulling an Obama — buying oceanfront property while at the same time screaming about Climate Change and the rising sea levels.

But on Wednesday, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff Drew Hammill said that there is no pending contract to purchase this mansion, “nor is the family looking or interested.”

The listing agent, Beth Bourque of Southern Shore Properties, also denied the rumor. While Bourque confirmed that there is a buyer for the house on Jupiter Island, the buyer “is NOT Nancy Pelosi” or anyone associated with Pelosi.

It appears the rumor was started in a now-deleted tweet from Gabe Hoffman. This tweet was picked up by a right-leaning blog called Big League Politics which published a post about the story initially titled “Nancy Pelosi Purchases $25 Million Florida Home in Preparation for Exodus from California Dumpster Fire.”

From there other right-leaning blogs picked up the story and unquestioningly repeated it, which only proves that you should not believe everything you see on the Internet.

Of course, once the rumor fell apart, Big League Politics changed its headline to read: “Online Rumors Suggest Nancy Pelosi Purchasing $25 Million Florida Home In Preparation for Exodus From California Dumpster Fire.”

It probably would’ve been better to change the headline to “We Gullibly Fell for a Stupid Rumor.”