Newsmax Viewership SKYROCKETS As Viewers Leave Fox News

( President Donald Trump has undeniable influence over the American public.

That was recently seen with Newsmax, which has gained an enormous uptick in followers on its social media channels in the last month following comments from the president. The news outlet experienced another surge in followers on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook following a tweet Trump sent about Fox News over the weekend.

What Trump once considered an ally has turned the other way following their coverage of the presidential election. The president tweeted to his followers that they should be watching Newsmax or One America News Network (OANN) instead of Fox News. He tweeted:

“@FoxNews daytime is virtually unwatchable, especially during the weekends. Watch @OANN, @newsmax, or almost anything else. You won’t have to suffer through endless interviews with Democrats, and even worse!”

This endorsement by Trump is paying dividends for Newsmax. The media company is run by Christopher Ruddy, who is considered a confidant to the president.

Social Blade, an analytics platform that tracks daily statistics of various social media profiles, Newsmax has seen an increase of more than 1.4 million followers on Facebook over the last 30 days. The average daily increase has been 47,241 in that time. On Saturday alone, when Trump touted Newsmax, the company’s Facebook page received more than 30,000 new likes.

Similar activity has occurred on Twitter. In the last 30 days, Newsmax has seen a daily average increase of 18,791 followers, for a total of 563,735 new followers. On Saturday lone, its page gained 27,105 followers.

Finally, on YouTube, Newsmax gained 1.18 million additional subscribers in the last month, according to Social Blade’s data. It has seen an average daily increase of almost 40,000 subscribers, and gained 20,000 new ones on Saturday alone. Videos that Newsmax posts on YouTube have been viewed an additional 108 million times in those last 30 days.

While Fox News has turned its attention to criticizing the Trump campaign’s allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, Newsmax has been unrelenting in its support for him.

Fox News was the first major media outlet to report that Democrat Joe Biden had won Arizona. That seems to be the first point at which the former positive relationship between Trump and Fox News turned sour.

On November 12, Trump tweeted that Fox News’ daytime ratings had “completely collapsed.”

At the same time that he’s been criticizing Fox News, he’s shined positive light on One America News Network and Newsmax, which have both initiated positive coverage of his administration and his campaign.

In an interview with The New Yorker earlier in November, Ruddy said Newsmax has an “editorial policy of being supportive of the president and his policies.” That being said, the company’s leader said their coverage overall has been “very balanced and fair.”

“At the end of the day, it’s great for news,” Ruddy said. “The news cycle is red-hot, and Newsmax is getting 1 million people per minute, according to Nielsen.”