Newsmax Soars Ahead Of Other Networks In Ratings

( It seems like every week lately, Newsmax has announced big news for its ratings – and last week was no different. For the second week running, Newsmax beat some of the main networks in terms of viewership, with a massive number of Americans tuning in for the network’s live coverage of former President Donald Trump’s rally in Sarasota, Florida.

According to the network, which has positioned itself as a chief competitor to Fox News as conservatives look for a news network that doesn’t ignore political pursuits of former President Trump, some three million American viewers tuned in through streaming and traditional cable to watch the “Save America” rally speech live.

The data from Nielsen also found that Newsmax beat Fox that night, with an audience coverage rating of .86. Fox News saw .80 that night, and CNN only reached .33. It was terrible news for MSNBC, which only managed .16. That’s rough.

While the news is great for Newsmax, it’s important to note that it was the only news network that chose to cover former President Trump’s July 3 rally live. It means that the network may have been outdone by Fox if the network had chosen to cover Trump’s speech…but the fact that Fox chose not to cover the speech, and instead focused on what President Joe Biden was doing, is a sign that Fox might not be interested in catering to its large conservative base any more.

Newsmax beat all three of its competitors in the key demographic of viewers between the ages of 35 and 64, with a .75 rating compared to Fox’s .53.

If Newsmax carries on covering Trump’s rallies, then it may find itself hanging on to Fox’s old viewers for longer…