News Affiliate Agrees To Air Chinese Propaganda “Showcasing” Their Achievements

( It’s hard to imagine that American media outlets would be so reckless as to work with Chinese Communist Party-affiliated journalists and propaganda outlets, but that’s precisely what’s happening according to a report by The National Pulse.

An affiliate CBS station has reportedly partnered with Zhejiang Radio & TV Group to “showcase the achievements China has made” as part of a program with a Chinese university that aims to promote Chinese culture.

According to a press release from the Chinese state-owned broadcaster, CBS News affiliate channel KCFJ 570 AM will work with them to promote Chinese culture in a series of programs on the California station. It will begin with a documentary that focuses on the achievements made by the Chinese Communist Party, in what appears to be an extremely blatant attempt at quelling concerns over China’s reckless handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s just the latest example of the Chinese Communist Party influencing American media. Another report from The National Pulse revealed recently how many editors, journalists, and big names in American media have taken all-expenses-paid trips to China as part of a propaganda program that encourages Americans to promote the Chinese Communist Party.

Under the new agreement between the CBS affiliate and Zhejiang Radio & TV, the “Liangzhu” documentary will be broadcast in English and a series of other shows may also focus on China.

The Chinese state-run broadcaster has also partnered with affiliates in other countries, including Croatia, France, Korea, and even the Republic of the Congo.

Just think about how much money the Chinese Communist Party is spending on spreading propaganda worldwide…and why they would need to do it in the first place if they are upstanding as they make themselves out to be.

Also ask yourself…why are they airing this documentary in California, and not in, say, Texas?

You probably know the answer.