New Zealand Takes Baby From Parents Demanding “Unvaccinated” Blood For Heart Surgery

( New Zealand’s high court took an infant away from his parents after they demanded that he received unvaccinated blood for a much-needed heart surgery, according to Summit News.

Parents Cole Reeves and Samantha Savage denied doctors’ claims that receiving blood from outside channels was “impractical,” and that surgery without the blood is “not an available option.” The claims reportedly suggest that an unvaccinated donor of the same blood type is not an option for the infant.

Judge Ian Gault ruled that it was in the infant’s best interests to be taken from his parents and placed in the hands of the state so that he can receive heart surgery and the vaccinated blood.

Two doctors were reportedly determined to be representatives for “Baby W—” for the purpose of consenting to the surgery and the parents were named as representatives “for all other purposes.”

The parents tried to stop the doctors from performing the surgery and the judge then stepped in again to ask them not to obstruct the staff at Starship Hospital. The judge’s decision includes permitting doctors to administer any blood products.

“You touch our child and we will press criminal charges against you,” the parents told hospital staff, according to the filing.

The parents’ lawyer, Sue Grey, worked to petition the judge to delay the surgery while they receive the opinion of two U.S. doctors to be considered. Grey also said that it would be an “extreme overreach” if police were called to forcefully remove the baby from the parents’ custody.

Judge Gault denied the request, saying that he had already decided the case Grey was now trying to reopen and that his decision was in the best interest of the baby.