New York Times Gushes Over Jen Psaki

( It’s been a terrible week for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, but that hasn’t stopped The New York Times fawning over her. Fox News picked up on how the far-left “news” outlet attempted to prop Psaki up with a “puff piece: about her, which repeatedly praised her “professional” and “straightforward” approach to her job.

Straightforward? Has she ever even answered a question with a straight answer before?

The piece was published last Friday, titled “Bully Pulpit No More: Jen Psaki’s Turn at the Lectern.”

And instead of acknowledging how Psaki has become known for her “circle back” excuse, whereby she promises to “circle back” to reporters with an answer to avoid admitting mistakes live on camera, the piece described her as an “unlikely cultural force.”

Come on. Does anybody believe that?

Michael M. Grynbaum, the author of the piece, claims that there is a “cult of Psaki” proliferating online, where clips of her acting “restrained” are shared and praised by her supporters. He talks about how she has received praise like “yas queen” from liberals, as if that’s some kind of indication she’s good at her job.

Isn’t whether or not she actually answers questions a deciding factor in whether or not she is good at her job?

People picked up on how the piece appeared at just the right time for Psaki. The federal government and the Pentagon were facing extreme pressure to own up to murdering 10 innocent people in Afghanistan with a drone strike, which eventually they did own up to.

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting, too, and Psaki has been grilled repeatedly by reporters on Vice President Kamala Harris’ failure to tackle the “root causes” of the border crisis.

At what point does The New York Times have to declare itself an official campaign group for the Democratic Party?