New “Uber” Type App For Guns Unveiled

A new ridesharing app like Uber has just been unveiled, according to OANN. But unlike Uber or Lyft, this app, called Black Wolf, will feature armed drivers. Black Wolf, created by former private investigator Kerry King Brown, has launched in New York and Atlanta, Georgia.

Brown previously worked for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene before coming up with the idea to protect passengers from rising violent crime around the country. He told Atlanta News First that the people who are victims of crime are most often the average person. 

“What I’m creating is a necessary evil. It’s a necessity,” he said, noting that the increase in crime is generating a demand for the app. Since its launch, there have reportedly been around 80,000 downloads.

Brown said that drivers need to pass a background check and undergo training before they head out on the road. Training includes knowing how to de-escalate a situation that occurs on the road. Drivers without prior pistol experience are required to undergo “detailed training.” Brown assured that the company is not going to hire just anybody for the job. 

For additional safety, the company says that every ride will come with a GPS and live-streaming technology that allows riders to share their location with loved ones, according to The New York Post

Brown intends to bring the app to New York City but says that gun control laws restrict his ability to do that. He claims that he hopes to receive help from a “connection,” a former NYPD detective that currently operates his own security business offering training to drivers. 

Premium rates will be asked for armed drivers. There will be a base rate of $50 for unarmed drivers and a base rate of $60 for an armed driver. From there, customers will be charged $1.75 per mile.