New Study Reveals Ultra-Processed Food Diet Ups Stroke Risk by 8%

It is no secret that the health of average Americans has significantly worsened over the last several decades. Indeed, in nearly every measurable area, the culture and social and fiscal well-being of Americans has become significantly worse since the 1960’s. While people may be living longer, most people are less healthy, both in physical and mental terms. Cancer rates have skyrocketed amongst young people. According to an article published by CNN, cancer rates among people under the age of 50 have risen sharply in recent years, and healthcare providers claim not to have answers. It may certainly be that the diet of most Americans- which has shifted significantly since the 1950’s, could be a major driving force behind this sad reality.

Fast food and the rise of quick, processed meals have completely changed the way Americans eat. The rise of true suburbs, strong declines in agriculture and family farming, and the creation of big box grocery stores has completely altered the way Americans shop, function, and live at even the most basic levels. Prior to the second world war, most Americans grew much of their fruits and vegetables and food at home. Today, very, very few do, and most rely on grocery outlets, restaurants, and processed fast food vendors for their sustenance. According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly 4 out of every 10 Americans, or 40% of the country, is obese, with rates rising.

In another report from the outlet Daily Mail UK, ultra-processed foods could increase the risk of a stroke. Experts discovered that there is a possible link between processed foods and stroke risk. Cognitive decline and life threatening medical conditions could be linked to certain foods. These foods usually contain added sugars, fat, salt, and are low in protein and fiber. Some examples are popular items like ice cream, burgers, mayonnaise, processed bread, cereal, and even ketchup. The data was collected during an 11 year study.