New Report May Explain Why Hunter Biden Story Is Being Blacked Out

( After the UK Daily Mail released startling 2018 video of a naked Hunter Biden whining to a prostitute about Russians stealing his laptop (not the one he accidentally left at a Delaware computer repair shop), virtually no mainstream American news outlet reported on the story – except for those reporting from a “Republicans pounce” angle.

Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley noted in a column just how significant this video is. Turley wrote that either the President’s son was admitting that the Russians possess blackmail material on him or someone has created a fake video in order to falsely frame him. But, as Turley explains, if it is the latter, you would expect the Biden people to be announcing a lawsuit over it. And they’re not.

What struck Turley most, however, was the complete lack of coverage in most major news outlets.

As Margot Cleveland explained at the Federalist last week, if the video is authentic, it reveals national security risks that extend far beyond the Russians having blackmail material on the son of the President of the United States.

Cleveland outlines why this is the case.

If this first lost laptop had the same kinds of materials discovered on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, the Russians have a great deal of blackmail material, not just on Hunter, but on “the Big Guy” Joe Biden himself.

What’s more if the 2018 laptop was stolen by Russians as Hunter claimed, what prompted the Russians to target Hunter Biden to begin with? How would they know that stealing his laptop would provide them with a trove of valuable intel?

Finally, how much did US intelligence agencies know about all of this? Were they aware of that video before the Daily Mail published it? Do they know the extent of the damaging information these two laptops contained? And if they do, has Joe Biden and his national security team been briefed?

These are all questions a free and independent press would be asking. But instead, they aren’t just ignoring the reporting on Hunter’s wayward laptops, they are actively trying to spin the narrative as “misinformation.”

Cleveland concludes that the only possible explanation for this lack of media scrutiny is that they are desperately trying to protect President Biden.