New Poll Shows Biden Is Collapsing In Blue States

( New polls have shown how President Joe Biden’s polling woes aren’t getting any better, and even people from within his own party are rejecting him.

According to a survey from the Siena College Research Institute in New York, a majority of residents in New York State – a state that voted for him in 2020 – do not rate the president’s performance so far as “good.” The study, which was released on Tuesday, showed Biden with just 25% support among New York residents, who considered his performance “good.”

Another 38% said that Biden’s performance so far has been “poor.”

Biden’s approval ratings have been struggling since the summer of last year, ever since prices started shooting up for everything from gas to household goods and food.

The new survey found that a tiny portion of New York state residents considered Biden to be doing an “excellent” job – just 11%.

Respondents were also asked whether they had a favorable or unfavorable view of the president. 48% approved and 48% disapproved.

All in all, it’s a bad sign for the president – and his vice president, Kamala Harris, hasn’t fared much better in polls over the last year, either. New York state voted 60.9% for Biden and 37.7% for Trump in 2020’s election, so it’s a state that Biden should be doing better in.

Could these kinds of numbers be enough for New York to turn Red next time around?