New Hampshire Faces Rising Illegal Immigration & Costs

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the issue of immigration remains a central concern for many Americans. In recent reports, it is estimated that over 8 million illegal migrants have entered the country over the last four years of the 46th President Joe Bidens presidency. Millions of illegals have flooded areas across the country, and the problem has become increasingly exacerbated in urban centers like New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Denver, and other metropolitan regions. The former 45th President Donald Trump has made remarks that should he win the upcoming election, he would initiate the largest deportation operation in American history and use the military and national guard to take care of this. This plan, though, is questionable in terms of its validity and even its legitimacy, as such a large scale operation (there are tens of millions of illegals) may be impossible to execute; a recent Forbes article alleges just that.

The problem of illegal migration has caused even areas that have not dealt with the issue in a significant sense in the past to suffer as well. In one New England State long known for its low cost of living, the problem has become worrisome. The state of New Hampshire, a low-tax, low population state, has not been immune to these changes. The Republican national committee published a statement which alleged that Biden “abandoned” the state and highlighted economic statistics that are definitely meaningful. Economically. New Hampshire families have experienced sizeable cost of living increases, with some reports claiming that costs have risen by over $20,000 in average annual expenses.

While the surge of migrants through the southern border in states like Texas and Arizona is the area of the most concern, it appears that even people are venturing to the northern border with Canada to enter the country. New Hampshire has experienced this problem, with over 15,000 illegals somehow entering the country since 2021.