New “Flash Mob” Robberies Force Action By Law Enforcement

( As if California needs another reason for people to leave, reports suggest that stores in San Francisco are being so badly hurt by looters and smash-and-grab robberies that they are being forced to invest in serious security systems to protect their stock.

A wave of group thefts, during which large crowds of people pour into stores – often armed with guns – have impacted businesses across San Francisco and throughout the rest of the state.

One Safeway store in San Francisco is said to be investing heavily in new systems, including an automatic gate that closes behind every person who enters the store at the entrance.

KPIX5 San Francisco reported that poles have also been added to shopping carts in one Safeway to make it more difficult for the carts to be removed from the store, and a side exit has also been closed off to stop people from running out of the store with merchandise.

The news outlet said that a wall of water bottles was constructed in front of the exit to force people to the front exit/entrance.

One customer told the local news outlet that it’s “probably good” that the store did that, as every time they have visited the store there has been “some type of ruckus happening.”

In 2021, should anybody have to worry about whether or not they will get hurt by fleeing criminals – armed to the teeth – while visiting their local supermarket?

Safeway issued a statement saying that they are “working on ways to curtail escalating theft” to ensure that their employees and customers are safe.

California’s crime rate is skyrocket and yet, for some reason, the people of the state voted to keep Governor Gavin Newsom during this year’s recall election…

Something doesn’t make sense.